Face Clothes

Putting your face on clothes has become a huge trend recently, and for something so simple, there are so many ways to do it. From a repeat pattern of your face to creating clothing with your dog’s face, finish off with icons to truly round it out.

Scream with confidence

What better way to say I-rock-this-and-I-know-that than to actually rock it? Have you got yourself beach-ready just in time for summer? Show it off. Take a picture of yourself rocking a swimsuit, to put on a swimsuit to make it rock, wear it and rock that swimsuit - anyone else getting dizzy with this one or is just us?

Put your face on clothes

From outerwear to underwear, creating face clothes has never been more versatile, or more fun. Whether you're soaking up the sun, layering up or just aiming to look downright fabulous anywhere and everywhere you go, clothing with your pet’s face, partner’s face or even your own offers a wonderfully hilarious solution.

You’ve got the power

Design everything yourself - no sending anything off, no waiting for someone to do the photo editing. Our super simple design tool allows you to be in full control from the word go. Watch as each and every change you make is updated in real-time and displayed in our one-of-a-kind preview. Control the spacing, the angles, the size, even the background colours when you put your face on clothes with In Good Face.