Face-print homeware

Put your face on homeware and soft furnishings to add a touch of personality to any room in your house. From the outrageous to the understated, if you can dream it you can make it. Create your own face print homeware range today and receive it in just days.

Beautify your life

From cups to cushions and tea towels to toothbrush holders, our homes are full of so many things that could be made hundreds of times better with your self-portrait on it. Add some magic to the mundane in the form of your own radiant beauty and create home accessories with faces.

Add some sass

Have your loved ones all up-in-your-grill while you're prepping a feast in the kitchen. Let 'hungover-you' look at you with those judgy eyes from a bar mat while you're preparing yet one more 'just the one' drink.

Own it

In Good Face put you in the driver’s seat. Control the design of your face print homeware down to the smallest of details. From color, size and spread to orientation and angle you can manipulate your design to perfectly suit you – and what’s more, you can view every single change, immediately, as it happens.