Face on stationery

Make your own face stationery and organizers and make a calendar with every month the face of the most important birthday to you. You'll be able to tell from a mile off who's birthday is when as well as having the most unsubtle, subtle way to tell your visitors which of them are your favorites.

Dial it back a bit

If that's all a little extreme for you, try dialing it back to a diary or notebook. Keeping the secrets to yourself does not make them any less entertaining - trust us on this one. From bookmarks and stickers to keyrings and journals, you can make your own face stationery for any reason you like. 

A little more than they bargained for

When you give a gift, make sure they know who it's from by plastering your face from one edge to the other in full glorious color. After all, the only thing better than the present you have for them is the ability to give them the gift of you.

Watch it come together

Whether it’s for you or as a gift, when you put your face on stationery, we all know you’ll have an idea in your head of what you want it to look like. Thanks to our unique and exclusive tool you can see exactly what it looks like at any given moment, with real-time updates. Remove the surprise element and gain some confidence in your creations.