Face swimwear with a difference

So we've seen the trend of blowing up an image of your face and sticking it on the front of a swimsuit, but what if you could express yourself further? Bright background colors don a repeat pattern of your beautiful boat-race, and you can even make swimwear with pet's face using your favorite snap of your furry companion.

One piece or two? 

Whether you're the bare all in a bikini type, the cover up with a costume type, or something in between, our range of women's swimwear is designed to cater to your needs. Get comfortable and be confident, with the face pattern design that you want. Same goes for the guys, with trunks and shorts you can opt for something a little more revealing, or if you prefer, go for the baggy beach vibes.

Swimwear with pet's face

It doesn't have to be a people-picture that you use, you can make pet face swimwear too. Whether you have a guinea pig or a pony you can use your favorite photos of them to stick on your swimwear and add the icons of your choice.

Go wild

You have complete control over the design of the pattern. From which face you choose to cut out, to actually cutting out. Choose whether to add icon stickers, what color background to use, how big and how far apart the pattern is. Every single change is updated in real-time, live, so that you can see exactly what it is you're doing. so take the designers seat, choose your face swimwear product and just go wild.