Jigsaw puzzle face

Get your jigsaw puzzle face on and get yourself stuck into (and onto) a face jigsaw puzzle. Make a repeat pattern of your face, or of someone else's for a great gift idea or a pleasant and peaceful pastime. Choose your background color and add some icon stickers to really finish it off.

Many materials

You can choose your face jigsaw puzzle material, depending on the options that you choose within our super-unique design interface. With options in wood, cardboard, and plastic there is plenty to choose from - even the packaging ranges from cute fabric pouches to metal tins. 

Up the level

Each of the jigsaw puzzle face size options has their own number of pieces, so you can choose your difficulty level appropriately. With the exception of the heart-shaped one, there are multiple options for each face jigsaw puzzle.

Take control

We have designed a special and unique design interface just for you, you lucky so and so. This means that you don't need to send your image off to be processed by a team (or an individual). You can literally do it yourself, with a paintbrush cropping tool. Simple as that.