Shorts with Faces on Them

Print your own face on shorts exactly the way you want to with complete design control. Whatever they are for, with shorts with faces on them you are sure to stand out from the crowd. Design online and receive in a few days.

Inside Out

Why should putting your face of shorts be strictly an underwear thing? We can’t see any logical reason! Introducing shorts with your face on it as outerwear. From the gym to the pool and the beach to the park, wear your face with pride – on more than just your head - and wear shorts with faces on them today.

Stake your Claim

If your other half is going away with the boys and has spent the last six weeks wandering around your flat shouting “LADS LADS LADS”, consider making him a crafty pair of shorts with your face on them and slide them into his suitcase to remind him of your continued existence – we can promise you that you are not the first, and we’ll hazard a guess that you’re not going to be the last, to do that one.

Potty Humor

We all know that it’s one of those things that we’re meant to grow out of. We also pretty much all know that we haven’t yet. Face shorts are just screaming to be customized with all of the fart jokes, poop jokes, and let’s face it – any kind of inappropriate-bottom-half-humor. Use the glorious space between your face to add an icon which is just subtle enough (or entirely not at all) to make the perfect potty humor shorts.

You comedy genius, you!

The joy of designing shorts with your face on them is that it doesn’t matter which way you look at it, it’s pretty much always going to be funny. We are struggling to think of an occasion where face shorts wouldn’t get even a stifled laugh, and to be frank, we’re coming up empty. So, whether you’re putting your beautiful face in his special place, or immortalizing your favorite internet meme, unleash your creative freedom and go wild!