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To give good face means to be photogenic; it's the ability to project emotions or attitude through a hip facial expression. In Good Face gives you the opportunity to give good face every day, by sticking your selfies on some cool stuff and rocking your own look...literally.


Print your friend's face onto a huge range of gifts


You've Got The Power!

Complete control over your design

  • Upload your face with or without icons
  • Play with photo size, spacing & background color
  • Preview your product live and in real-time

Do it differently

Here at In Good Face, we like to break the mold and push the boundaries, just as much as we like to give you the tools and opportunity to do so. That’s why we’ve revolutionized the way that you can put your face on gifts. No longer do you need to send off your photos to be edited and wait for them to come back to you for approval. No need to be a Photoshop pro to cut out your designs before submitting them.

Put your face on stuff in real-time

See every single change you make to your pattern design update in real time. After all, how else are you meant to know if your face design is exactly as you want it? Every teeny tiny change you make will be shown to you so you can make an informed decision as to whether that amazing idea looks as good as you thought it would.

Oi!... Cut it out

When you put your face on your gifts, you create the design. In Good Face want you to be in full control of all aspects when you put your face on your chosen gift. That’s why we have designed the tools for you to do so. Use the cropping brush tool to cut out your face from your chosen picture. Add as little or as much additional background as you like. Alter the brush and eraser sizes to make sure you get the cut-out that is perfect for you.

Aww, snap!

Add a second item of face-on-clothing and really take things up a notch. Perfect for the his-and-hers bathrobe collection – with a super-fun, modern twist, many of our items benefit from amazing quantity discounts. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Choose icons to add to your design. Fancy pajamas with your face alongside a boxer briefs, socks, or a swimsuit? Why not?

Gimme some space

Whether you are the total mash-up type, or the in an orderly fashion please, you should be able to express that in your designs. Control the spacing between your pattern, choose the size of it, even the exact angle that your face is on. Take full control over your design from start to finish.

Make it Pop

Choose your own background color and make your designs stand out from the crowd! Are you a fiery redhead? Put your face on gifts with a striking black or white background to emphasize that color. Making some hot pants for your hot date? Love it up with a pink or red background color. Choose your perfect base tone from a huge palette of colors and make sure your design stands out the way you want it to.