Funky face gifts

It doesn't matter if you're celebrating a sixtieth or going in for a good ol' dose of treat-yo-self, there's always an excuse - we mean, reason - to stick your face on something. Creating your own funky face gifts lends itself to some good old-fashioned (or rather highly fashionable) fun.

Piece it together

From jigsaws to bunting, and photo boxes to photo cubes you can use our exclusive design tool to put your face on pretty much anything you want! Fly a flag of faces or put your profile on a poster, wherever your inspiration comes from we just need your face to make it happen.

Get creative

Flash that cash with a photobomb and take the look on your face to a whole new level. Our funky face gifts range has something for everyone, wallets and seat pads included. Mask your face, with your face by making your own face gift ideas.

Take charge

From the cutting out of your chosen face to the amount of space in between each head, you’re in charge. Choose the angles, colors, and icons that you inject to make your funky face gifts perfect for the recipient in mind. Every change you make updates in real-time so you can make your visage match your vision.